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The science behind a false confession

Why would someone ever make a false confession? It’s more common than you think. A False confession may seem like a rare occurrence. Do you think someone would confess to a crime that they did not commit? If you are inclined to say no, keep reading.  All too often people are subjected to police interviews […]

What does the new Federal tax law mean for your divorce agreement?

Here’s how the federal tax changes will impact future divorce agreements and judgements The newly enacted federal tax law will have a substantial impact on future divorce agreements and judgments.  The new federal law eliminates the deduction for alimony for separation agreements signed after 2018. In the past, alimony payments were deductible by the payor and […]

Is your child support agreement still fair?

The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines changed in September 2017 These augmented guidelines may impact your original agreement, so it’s important to understand the guidelines because you may be paying too much or receiving too little! An experienced attorney can help you investigate your child support arrangement under the scope of the new guidelines. Here are […]

Pursuing a personal injury case: What are my options?

Over the past several years, O’Connor and Ryan has helped many clients obtain millions of dollars for personal injuries in accidents and other wrongdoings. For example, we helped earn a $2.1 million recovery for civil rights violations and a $100,000 settlement for a motorcycle accident. A life-altering personal injury can oftentimes mean you are entitled […]

Know your rights: Avoid an OUI conviction

An OUI conviction can follow you through life. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, it’s easy to feel hopeless and scared. However, a conviction can follow you through life and it’s important to explore your options before you simply plead guilty. In my 40-year experience as a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen many […]