Is your child support agreement still fair?

The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines changed in September 2017

These augmented guidelines may impact your original agreement, so it’s important to understand the guidelines because you may be paying too much or receiving too little! An experienced attorney can help you investigate your child support arrangement under the scope of the new guidelines.

Here are some ways the Massachusetts child support guidelines have changed:

  • There is now a cap on the amount a court may order for contribution to the cost of a college education
  • Attorneys and judges will calculate child support amounts differently compared to previous years
  • There are more expanded and different grounds for deviating from the child support guideline amount.
  • Calculations have changed for children over the age of 18 as well as others under the age of 18.
  • If you and your co-parent share physical custody of the children, the calculations under the new guidelines may result in a lower amount.

Questions about your child support agreement? Learn more about how O’Connor and Ryan can assist you in your family law matters here. Or contact us today for a consultation!

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