When the police come calling: Go to your lawyer first

Make sure not to talk to the police before calling a lawyer

The police have called; they want to talk to you or a family member and you are unsure of what you should do. The answer is straightforward, and we can’t stress it enough: Do not talk to the police.  You may think you have nothing to hide, that there is no reason not to talk to the police, that they will think you are guilty of something if you do not talk to them; that you are not cooperating.

Do not be intimidated and do not talk to the police.

The first thing you should do is to seek the advice of an experienced attorney who will deal with the police on your behalf.  If the police suspect that you have done something wrong you will not help yourself by talking to them or answering any questions.  There have been hundreds of cases of people who were innocent of any wrongdoing, yet nevertheless confessed to committing a crime during the course of a police interrogation.  Many of these false confessions only came to light after DNA testing proved conclusively that the accused who actually confessed did not commit the crime.  One of the most famous cases of false confessions is the Central Park jogger case – the defendants all confessed to a crime that they did not commit, only to be exonerated after many years in jail.

O’Connor and Ryan has successfully represented thousands of persons accused of crimes, from drunk driving, drug cases, to rape and murder.  If you are confronted by the police or arrested for a crime call us for help.

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