Divorce and Family Law: A rundown of how an attorney can help

Divorce, issues of child custody, support and alimony are complex. Couples can have very unique circumstances which complicate family law and divorces, like the lack of a prenuptial agreement, one working and one stay-at-home spouse, and of course children who will be impacted by a separation.

Many factors go into a ruling from a judge on who gets what, how much they get, which parent is awarded custody of children. Experienced family law attorneys will help you navigate these complexities and provide valuable advice as to your issues and how to best resolve your case.

Most family law cases are settled outside of court either through mediation or negotiation. This means that a judge is not the deciding party; couples can arrive at a reasonable agreement with the help of an attorney.

Even afterwards, the terms of a settlement can continue for years, and sometimes terms need updating due to new legal guidelines or your life circumstances. Expert legal advice is required to best protect your rights well into the future.

Do you have questions about your divorce? In need of legal counsel related to another family law matter? Contact O’Connor and Ryan today for a consultation.

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